Discover Frushi – Fruit Sushi Making!

Frushi or fruit sushi is a healthy and refreshing dessert, perfect served on a sunny day. We’ll be adding coconut products to the rice to give it a sweeter taste.

You’ll learn how to make at least 3 sushi pieces, including small canape temari balls, temaki hand cones and nigiri types.

The focus of this class will be on making beautifully presented and colourful sushi using healthy and fresh seasonal fruits like mango, papaya, raspberries and blueberries. You’ll learn how to enhance these flavours and decorate with a selection of black or white sesame seeds (often used in Japanese desserts), passion fruit, pomegranate seeds, citrus fruits, cacao nibs and even chili flakes!

A totally creative and unique treat that you can easily recreate at home. Ingredients will be extremely fresh and everything will be vegan friendly.

This experience includes:

  • Full demonstrations on how to make and present your fruit sushi
  • Japanese drinks to complement what you make
  • Small Japanese food accessories to decorate with

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