Introduction to Sushi: Rolling Forward!

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A thorough introduction to the art of sushi making. You’ll learn how to make a broad selection of sushi, from canape style pieces such as small temari* sushi originating from Kyoto, to the traditional sushi rolls. Creativity and presentation will be a strong focus and Alice will provide lots of top tips, and authentic Japanese sushi accessories!

Using only the freshest and most visually appealing vegetables and fish, Alice will show you how to prepare these for use in all types of sushi, using a range of traditional and more modern fusion style recipes.

This experience includes:

  • Making 5 different sushi types: temari, nigiri, hosomaki, temaki, uramaki or futomaki
  • Learning to present all sushi beautifully and explore your creative side!
  • A delicious sushi platter to enjoy at the end with a glass of Japanese sake
  • A PDF to be emailed afterwards, including all class recipes, tips and ingredient lists to continue your sushi making

Japanese food is centred on the seasons so we’ll be using locally sourced ingredients to enhance the seasonal feel of our sushi.

This class can be tailored to accommodate a vegetarian or vegan diet. Please let us know any dietary requirements in advance.

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