Vegan Superfood Sushi Making

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Food is our first form of medicine before anything else, whether raw, cooked, pickled or fermented.This class is suitable for vegans or anyone interested in the general health benefits of Japanese food.

We’ll be using a full range of popular Japanese flavours to make your sushi, including ginger, spring onion, sesame seeds, miso, matcha along with the less well known tastes such as the superfood umeboshi (pickled plum paste), natto (fermented soybeans), the Japanese shiso herb and even sweet potato powder to colour the rice a natural purple shade.

Vegetables are perfect for sushi making as they are so varied and colourful. Alice will show you how to decorate and present your sushi so that it looks its best.

This experience includes:

  • Making 4 different sushi types: temari, nigiri, temaki, hosomaki
  • Delicious sushi to enjoy during the class or take away with you
  • A PDF to be emailed afterwards, including all class recipes, tips and ingredient lists to continue your vegan sushi making