Sushi for e-Health Week at London Olympia! (Corporate Event)

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On Tuesday this week I made over 200 temari sushi for the ‘Taste’ event on behalf of the IT Health Partnership who were exhibiting for e-Health Week, the biggest health event in the UK, including presentations on how e-health and IT can transform health and care services.

Our first corporate customer, The IT Health partnership, were seeking a memorable and unique catering service that would stand out and engage current and potential customers during the ‘Taste’ food festival and the temari that I made were simple, beautiful and up-to-date, reflective of modern food tastes.

I made a total of four different types of sushi for this event:

  • Smoked salmon with black sesame seeds, tied with a chive and topped with small fish eggs or a slice of lemon
  • Layered slices of avocado topped with seasonal sakura (cherry blossom) flowers, nori, lemon or fish eggs
  • Roasted peppers topped with goat’s cheese
  • Japanaese pickled plums (‘umeboshi’) topped with edible rose petals

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The event was a great success and all sushi disappeared fast! The umeboshi topped with edible rose petals were particularly popular.

We catered for around 50 people for this event, around 4 temari per person. If you are interested in offering something exciting and different for an event, whether corporate or private, please contact us to discuss (, 07891 203 860).


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