Happy International Sushi Day!


Last week I found out that International Sushi Day really exists and that it’s today, 18th June so I decided to hold a party for some friends! As it’s not long until I plan to teach my first sushi classes, I made a selection of my favourite rolls which you could soon be able to make yourself!

IMG_2917 IMG_2900 IMG_2915 inari

As well as a selection of vegetable nigiri zushi (vegetables on rice, often held together with a thin piece of nori), I tried some new recipes using inari – sweet fried tofu pockets. When I was a vegetarian in Japan I ate so many inari as they were available in every local shop and taste delicious! I prefer these just with a little fresh ginger and sesame seeds but I added some spring onion, salmon and plum furikake (rice seasoning) to others today. I also used them to decorate the outside of a large roll (futomaki) and mini balls (temari).

IMG_2916 IMG_2925 IMG_2919

California rolls were also key to my sushi this evening and I used a lot of avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber, tempura prawns and aubergine. For the vegetable nigiri I grilled courgettes, peppers and topped with goats cheese.

Happy International Sushi Day!




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