Kids can have fun with Sushi too!

I am currently finalising the details for my sushi classes (keep checking the ‘Classes’ page for updates) and have been thinking of ways to make sushi more interesting and fun for children to make.

Temari (the small rice balls) are perfect for children as they are easy to make, simply by twisting a small amount of rice in cling-film, and can be decorated as you like.


A great way to engage children’s interests is to get them involved by having them make their own card stencils and using this stencil to cut into the nori (seaweed covering the rice) before applying it to the rice and decorating with other ingredients.


I decorated these temari with a lot of vegetables, prawns and small fish eggs, however any more conventional ingredient can easily be used, depending on your child’s diet and favourite foods.

IMG_2996 IMG_2994

Children can even make up their own games together using temari zushi – perhaps Connect Four! Making sushi will provide children with the perfect opportunity to be creative and inventive whilst having fun with their friends!


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