Traditional and Healthy Japanese Sushi

I love to experiment with different flavours when making-up sushi recipes, but I also appreciate the fresh, clean and traditional Japanese flavours. I made natto (Japanese fermented beans!) maki sushi with home-grown shiso (a Japanese herb, often served with sushi and sashimi).

IMG_3060 IMG_3059

Although the idea of natto may be off-putting, if combined with the right flavours, it can taste delicious. Natto comes with a little mustard and Japanese dashi (stock) and has to be mixed continuously with a fork for a few minutes to get rid of it’s sticky texture. The flavour of the shiso leaves compliments the flavour of the natto.


Shiso leaves can be used for making temari zushi as their shape and size is perfect, and shapes the rice-ball well. I topped mine with konbu (Japanese flavoured seaweed), sesame seeds and ume furikake (plum rice seasoning).

IMG_3069 IMG_3041

Hosomaki sushi can easily be packaged to take to work, school or even for a picnic lunch with friends! Conventional Tupperware is fine for this, and you can also find bento (Japanese layered boxes) and character tupperware from Japanese shops such as the Japan Centre in London.

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