Beautiful Temari Sushi

image(4)Temari or ‘sushi hand balls’ get their name from their resemblance to a delicate Japanese craft that wraps old or leftover kimono fabric around the surface of a small ball. These crafted temari have traditionally been given as a gift.

Temari are great to experiment with as they are fairly simple to master after getting used to the technique: placing your topping on a small square of clingfilm, and then bringing all corners together to shape with your hand. You can then experiment with your own choice of flavours and make them look as attractive as the traditional crafted and kimono decorated temari.

If you’ve never heard of or eaten temari sushi, then you’re in for a treat. These pretty sushi balls are perfect for parties and festive gatherings, and even though they are so colourful and striking, they are not hard to make. Just like every other type of sushi, they are open to interpretation – whether you wish to make elegant canapes or your childs favourite character. Learn how to make temari sushi with Alice this season and she will assist you to fulfil any idea you have in mind.

Learn how to make temari sushi this month: or 07891 203 860 



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