Happy Year of the Monkey!

DSCF3035 DSCF3036

Happy Chinese New Year! This celebration is known as the spring festival and each New Year is characterised by one of the 12 animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac. This year it’s the Monkey!

Celebrations and parties for Chinese New Year in London are the biggest anywhere outside of Asia and thousands of people will mark this tomorrow (also Valentine’s Day!) by enjoying a day in Chinatown and Trafalgar Square.

I made monkey ‘chara-ben’ (character bento) made from rice balls, nori faces and inari (tofu pockets). I found some monkey bento forks to enhance the presentation of my chara-ben and they were accompanied with pickled ginger (‘gari’).

Contact me using the form below to arrange a chara-ben class so you can learn how to make these monkeys and many others!




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