Kyoto Inspired Japanese Afternoon Tea & Origami Making Hen Party!

IMG_4194 IMG_4192 IMG_4188(1)

We’re very excited to now be hosting origami making hen parties! You will all have fun learning how to make beautiful kusudama flowers with full guidance and instructions, together with a beautifully prepared Kyoto inspired afternoon tea!

You will work together to make a bridal bouquet for the bride (a larger bouquet) or bridal party (smaller bouquets) as well as boutonnières and decorative origami such as butterflies, cranes and smaller flowers that can be used to decorate your wedding venue. Each kusudama flower is made from 5 pieces of high quality Japanese washi origami paper with the pattern or colour of your choice, connected with floral wire to place each flower in the bridal bouquet holder. We will provide adhesive pearls, accessories and ribbon to wrap around and perfect your bouquets.

IMG_3938  IMG_3912

We can also provide beautifully crafted Japanese gift bags full of Japanese accessories and gifts for all attendees, and upon request Alice can handmake origami that is tailor-made for your wedding, whether decorations, place cards or otherwise.

Location: SushiArt in Highgate or your own home or choice of location

Time/Dates: Please contact us for availability – we hold events on weekdays and weekends

Price: From £40 per person (depending on the number of attendees and your requirements/requests)

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Included in this party type for all attendees: All origami paper, materials and accessories, a bouquet foam holder and floral wire, a full Japanese afternoon tea for all, drinks of your choice (we can provide Japanese cocktails and fruit sparkling sake)

Further Information and full pricing: Please contact us by email –, phone – 07891 203 860, or complete the contact form at the end of this page



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