Discover Frushi with Alice


Class Dates: Friday, 16th June 7-8:30pm

*Please contact Alice directly for private sessions or alternative dates*

Location: Highgate/North London

Price: £25

Class Includes: all ingredients, a complimentary Japanese drink

How to Book: Click here to reserve your place!


‘Frushi’ or fruit sushi is a perfect idea for a healthy and refreshing sweet option or desert, now that spring is coming. You will learn how to make temari (small ball-shaped sushi), coloured soy paper maki, temaki (hand rolls) and gunkan (battle-shaped pieces).

The focus of this class will be on making beautifully presented sushi, using healthy and fresh seasonal fruits such as mango, papaya, raspberries, blueberries and many others! We will enhance this flavour and decorate with a mixture of black or white sesame seeds, passion fruit, lime, lemon, cacao nibs and even chilli flakes!








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