Summer Origami with Alice (Special Offer)

Kids love origami making as it’s fun, easy to follow and bestows a sense of mindful calm and concentration with its curious mix of creativity and step-by-step rules.

Please click here to book your origami session!

We’ll be making summer origami pieces such as Japanese fans, dahlias, lilies, simple roses and windmills. Please let Alice know if your children have any special interests as these can be incorporated into their session.

How it works:

1. You’ll need to be based in North London (Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hampstead, Crouch End, Finchley, or somewhere very near to these places)

2. Please select your preferred time slot. Our special offer covers up to 4 children

3. After booking, Alice will contact you to get your address and any additional information relevant to your session

All origami paper will be provided along with decorating materials and adhesive jewels. Children must be 6 years old and over.




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