About Alice

Alice Sushi Art combines things that Alice loves and allows her to be creative in sharing these with you!

Alice origami class

It began in 2011 when Alice went to live and work in Japan after graduating from UCL. She learnt sushi making and touched upon origami folding to make her visuals more attractive and then became fascinated by the art and has been ever since.

Alice’s focus is on mindfulness, origami provides an opportunity to relax and focus on your wellbeing and just take a little time to zone out. It is fulfilling to make a model out of just a piece of paper and exploring that process, whether it takes just one time or many times to get there.

She is creative in approach and works closely with her clients, both private or corporate to ensure that their visions and project ideas are met, for example paper type, theme or anything else. She is an expert origami maker and has collaborated in the visual merchandising area to produce both large installations and also the most intricate and tiny pieces.

Alice has 11 years experience working with children of all ages as well as adults. If you are interested in a special event, workshop or personalised course for your child please do get in contact with Alice to discuss this. She has worked with many corporate companies as well as smaller marketing and private clients. The more well known ones include Spotify UK, Hyper Japan, MCM Comic Con, Proud East, The Hoxton, Taiki Tea, Tootoomoo, Inamo Restaurant and more.

Companies I've worked with include:


The Team


Mari has loved crafting and drawing since a very young age, and has been doing origami since 10 years old from her Japanese mother's influence.
She has grown up in a Japanese-English culture as half-Japanese, so she has great love and respect for the Japanese culture and art such as Origami and Sumi-e. Originally starting in a scientific career, she felt the need to be able to create and express herself more, causing her to look into more artistic work. This eventually lead her to meeting Alice and working for Alice Sushi Art!

She's always loved teaching and getting to know people from various ages; recently she even taught a 2 year old and her father at Hyper Japan! Although newer to the team, she is always positive and cheerful, and loves getting stuck in (sometimes literally) with her work.

She's currently interested in Origami and crafts, and how it influences the mind, as she herself has found peace with herself through Origami. In the future she hopes to fuse her scientific background with her new knowledge in art to be able to learn how education and art can work hand-in-hand.