Autumn Inspired 'Kazari-Maki Sushi'


‘Kazari zushi’ means patterned or decorative sushi and many sushi makers challenge themselves to create beautiful and artistic kazari zushi. As it is the peak of autumn I wanted to try and capture the colours and shape of the yellow/brown and pink/red leaves.

I made sushi leaf kazari sushi, using three separate small sushi rolls that I filled with furikake rice (natural and healthy pink/purple, red, yellow and green rice seasonings) and then moulded them into a leaf shape. I cut a piece of nori in half, stuck the two pieces together with some spare rice grains and then assembled my design using some konbu seaweed as the base of the leaf.

11111979_1403909979936928_1156310378953493306_o   12243365_10153747993474108_1556455900526913508_n

Kazari zushi can take many forms, and it can be a great challenge. I think it’s a great way of celebrating and representing the four seasons but it could even be your favourite animal, such as the panda above!

Please keep checking my class lists as I will shortly be adding ‘Kazari zushi’ classes.





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