Chirashi Sushi


Chirashi, meaning ‘scattered sushi’, is one of the least time-consuming and healthy forms of sushi. This dish is especially popular with Tokyoites but is consumed widely throughout Japan and you can find many regional and seasonal variations.

Although chirashi sushi is most commonly made with a variety of sashimi (raw fish), egg and seaweed flakes, you can adapt the ingredients depending on your own diet as different types of vegetables (mushrooms, aubergine, carrot, cucumber, avocado) and meats make good substitutes. Always look for ingredients that are both colourful and that enhance and contrast each other.

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I particularly like the fresh taste and buttery texture of salmon sashimi and the vibrant orange colour is perfect for chirashi sushi. I cut small parts of cucumber into flowers to hold the wasabi, which only takes a couple of minutes but adds greatly to the dish.


The rice for this dish is seasoned and mixed with seaweed flakes, sliced omelette, and a range of other vegetables of your choice (I used carrots, bamboo shoots and mushrooms).


This makes an exciting and healthy lunch or dinner which can be complemented with a small bowl of miso soup to add some warmth to the dish.






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