Sushi inspired by my recent trip to Mexico!


I recently went on holiday to Mexico for two weeks and enjoyed relaxing on the beach, travelling around and eating lots of delicious Mexican food, especially fresh fruit such as avocado, mango, papaya and lots of coconuts!

My ‘Mexican inspired’ sushi is composed of three very Mexican elements – avocado, mango and tajin (a dried lime and salt mix that can be added to fruit and almost anything else). This dragon roll is full of avocado, guacomole, and mango then topped with lots of tajin! See below for instructions on making this recipe. 



  1.  Prepare all ingredients for the sushi: to cut a mango cut the sides around the stone, criss-cross the flesh and turn inside-out, as above. The rest of the mango can be cut into strips. Slice an avocado into strips and guacamole can be made in a pestle and mortar or simply with a fork – just crush an avocado with a chilli, the juice of one lime, sliced red onion (or spring onion) and a little olive oil (optional) then add a diced tomato (remove all seeds inside) and fresh coriander. 


  2. After covering the rough side of the seaweed (apart from an inch at the bottom, nearest you), cover with cling-film, turn over and line the middle with avocado slices. 


  3. Spoon guacamole onto the roll, using the avocado slices as a base.  


  4.  Carefully roll the sushi.


  5. Alternate thin slices of avocado and mango over the roll, wrap in cling-film and use the rolling mat to gently squeeze these in place.


  6. Using a sharp knife cut the roll into eight individual pieces, sprinkle with tajin (or use lime juice as an alternative), and enjoy!